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Developing Africa through Fundamental and Applied Research


The Research Awake Africa Initiative (RAAI) is an independent non-profit that seeks to foster basic and applied research on the African continent. The RAAI's research interests cover 3 broad areas which evolved into forums: The Medicine, Public Health and Life Sciences Forum, The Engineering and Physical Sciences Forum and The Business, Governance and Economics Forum.

The RAAI was founded in 2018 in the city of Jena, Germany by a group of young largely African researchers working and studying at the Friedrich Schiller University. The idea of establishing a network of young African researchers in the city was first conceived by Anthony Chukwubuikem, who went on to become the first general coordinator of the organization. Since then, the RAAI now has members and partners across the globe actively contributing to the realization of its goal - developing the African continent through basic and applied research.

Presently, the RAAI has evolved a new arm targeted at harnessing the potential of strategic partnerships across Europe, Asia, and America. African solutions and knowledge-driven research will play a significant role in addressing the world's present challenges of poverty, hunger and unemployment as well as climate change. RAAI now partners with and continues to seek out partnerships with Industries, Independent Research Organizations, Universities, Governments, Policymakers and Individiuals.


Medicine, Public Health and Life Sciences

Infectious diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and many non-communicable diseases are some of the major health problems facing the world today. Africa as a continent suffers disproportionately from these problems and has done very little to harness her resources – human and material – to solve these problems.

RAAI's Medicine, Public Health and Life Sciences Forum seeks to drive the involvement of Africa as an active participant in world development; especially in relation to Drug Development, Public Health Care, and Characterization of Active Biomolecules.

Engineering and Physical Sciences

The current energy gap in Africa presents challenges and at the same time promising and profitable opportunities. The lack of technical know-how and the absence of cost-effective technology are hindering the exploration and full utilization ofnumerous alternative renewable energy resources to solve Africa's energy crisis or lead in global clean energy.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Forum or the RAAI aims to employ regional and technical expertise to promote standard research towards clean alternative energy solutions for developing countries mostly in Africa.

Business, Governance and Economics

Critical Public Policy analysis is conducive for good governance and economic development as well as an essential tool for guiding public expectations on government policies. At the center of such analysis is the function of Independent Research Institutes and Think Tanks.

The Business, Governance and Economics Forum of the RAAI aims to promote high-standard Business and Public Policy Analysis that would guide Individuals communities, and Policymakers towards sustainable economic development.

Strategic collaborations / Partnerships

Strategic partnerships allow for the optimization of skillsets across organizations and for the smoother implementation of complex tasks. It is for this reason that the RAAI Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships Forum seeks out opportunities for mutually beneficial participation in African development projects across various industries, organizations and groups including individuals.

Field and industrial experts possess a valuable understanding of real-world complexities; combining this with front-line innovation and technology from R&D experts is what RAAI's SC&P Forum seeks to achieve for real-world application.

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