Research Awake Africa Initiative is partnering with governments to establish independent research institutions capable of guiding policy making, and facilitating collaborations between Research Institutes and African industries. This will help accelerate Sustainable Development on the African continent and address pressing issues.

Collaboration, Support, Partnerships

We are encouraging indigenous solutions to unique problems on the African continent.

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Upcoming Events

We are building Research Networks to sustainably explore Africa's rich Bioresources

Research Awake Africa Initiative, in collaboration with the Jena School for Microbial Communication at the Friedrich Schiller University, Jena is organizing the North–South Scientific Meeting on Natural Product Research come February 2023. This meeting creates an avenue for African young scientists who are interested in Natural Products Research to share their research and ideas with top-tier, accomplished, and well-established professors and scientists cum stakeholders. This meeting is expected to result in collaborations, alliances, and partnerships collaborative environment where African bioresources can be characterized by state-of-the-art techniques and research infrastructure of foreign partners. Not only are we keen on an exploration of bioresources, but we are also particular about their preservation. With the long-term shifts in temperature and weather patterns alongside human activities that pose harm to the planet, bioresources and biodiversity are threatened. We are therefore asking questions on how to harness these resources and preserve them for the long run in Africa.

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We are builiding nextworks capable of addressing Africa's unique challenges locally.

Research Awake Africa Initiative is partnering with governments to guide policy making, and in facilitating collaborations between Research Institutes and African industries to accelerate Sustainable Development on the continent and address pressing issues.

RAAI campuses across Europe, Asia and America help to strengthen alliances with common interests, such as in addressing issues involving climate change, poverty, food insecurity and the accessibility of quality healthcare. These campuses allow for interesting conversations on possible solutions as well as strategies for collaboration and implementation.

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Welcome and Networking Event for New Students and Early-stage Researchers

Diversity within an organization or group can introduce many advantages that include but are not limited to an increase in creativity and innovation. However, there are challenges to creating effective diverse teams with internationals, students and/or young professionals. Some of these challenges include difficulty in integration, cultural shock, and social withdrawal.

"Live the Future Now- For Diversity, Education and Research" funded by the Thuringian State and the University of Jena, is a welcome event for new English-speaking international students in Jena, and early-stage researchers. It aims to help accelerate social integration and educate internationals on how to deal with cultural shock.

The program is to run from the 20th – 22nd October, 2022 and it includes a hiking trip for participants to socialize and integrate with other internationals and locals.

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RAAI receives Joachim Herz Stiftung

RAAI receives the prestigeous Joachim Herz funding for its 'North - South Scientific Meeting on Natural Products Research'.

Partners in Sustainable Development

Kachia Local Government of Kaduna State in Nigeria has recently signed a partnership agreement with the RAAI; as part of the African Geodata Project for sustainable development in agriculture and addressing issues on climate change.


Talks at RAAI: African Solutions for Afrrica

RAAI's Quarterly talks facilitate conversations between early and middle-stage researchers about Africa's challenges and sustainable, innovative solutions to these challenges. These talks encourage innovative indigenous ideas about Africa's unique challenges from participants who have experienced them first-hand.

Live the future NOW !

Annual Workshop for Early-stage Researchers

Past Events

Research Collaboration amidst a global pandemic and lockdown 2021

17:00 UTC +1 | Date: 01/10/2021

Participate in the Online symposium discussing the present challenges with research and collaboration due to the current pandemic. The RAAI is thinking of new ways to sustain collaborative efforts with partners around the globe as travel restrictions increase.

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Career Development in R&D from a Global Perspective 2021

17:00 UTC +1 | 29/05/2021

Join our discussion with industry experts and leading scientists on Career Development in R&D. Understanding which skills are most relevant and how best to prepare for contributing to a better future for all of humanity is essential for playing our part.

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Win-Win Business Strategies for African Migrants 2020

17:00 UTC +1 | 19/09/2020

Navigating the complexities of founding a start-up can be challenging for migrants. At the RAAI 2020 Symposium on Energy and Migration, the Thuringian commissioner for Integration, Migration and Refugeees, along with other industry experts discuss ways to successfully thrive in a new environment.

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