"We are fostering sustainable development on the African continent through research and Innovation"
At Research Awake Africa Initiative, we believe that for Africa to take its place as an active participant in contributing to sustainable global development, she must be capable of developing indigenous solutions to her own problems and attain first, the degree of stability, strength, and independence required to shoulder the responsibilities of supporting other developing economies. To achieve this we are encouraging multi-disciplinary research to tackle the most challenging problems on the continent while collaborating with foreign governments, institutions, and private individuals who believe in our strategy for a sustainable future for all.


"Since 2018, we have been building collaborative research networks across the globe"
RAAI was first founded in the city of Jena in eastern Germany as a Research Organisation seeking answers to some of the more challenging problems on the African continent under 3 broad categories- "Bio Sciences", "Physical Sciences" and "Economics". Over time RAAI evolved to provide practical and implemented solutions based on innovative ideas developed through our research; this led to the formation of active partnerships and collaborations with industry and governments for an accelerated transfer of ideas to solutions.
Presently, RAAI is engaging young students and researchers across universities in Africa, Europe, and beyond; facilitating research collaborations with leading research experts in Europe and Africa as a strategy to facilitate knowledge transfer through our North-South/ South-North Scientific Meetings programs. RAAI is also collaborating with entrepreneurs and governments in Africa, providing actionable intelligence and technology from industrial partners to boost agriculture and fight climate change- while tackling poverty and unemployment.


"We are improving the world by improving Africa"
As an independent non-profit, seeking to foster sustainable development on the African continent, RAAI's research interests cover 3 broad fora: Medicine, Public Health and Life Sciences, Engineering and Physical Sciences, and Business, Governance, and Economics. These fora pursue research interests in fields relating to the respective forum and all have the underlying goal of tackling Africa's most complex challenges. RAAI fora aim to consult for governments, policymakers, industries, and the public; providing scientific, research-based analyses and recommendations while maintaining autonomy and noninterference in politics.At RAAI we believe in the synergy which is obtained through diversity and collaborations- we understand that research and development thrive under collaborative environments and this is why RAAI's model includes a strategic plan to collaborate with researchers and industrial partners across the globe to achieve our goals. Through our Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships arm, we seek to strengthen the network of researchers across the world, who share our vision, through conferences, research collaborations, and shared projects. RAAI also partners with industry experts, who bring to the table, decades of real-world experience in implementing new and disruptive solutions to tackle challenging problems.
RAAI seeks to establish leading research institutes across the African continent to drive research and development and independently tackle challenges unique to the continent with appropriate funding, the required competence, and skills. To consult for planning and policymaking organizations such as the African Union and the United Nations and guide foreign investors and industries on best practices to achieve our common goal of a sustainable future free of poverty, insecurity, diseases, and hunger.

Anthony Chukwubuikem

President, Global Development


+49 3641 268 02 69