Let's kick-start your journey with valuable insights and networks

Diversity within an organization or group can introduce many advantages that include but are not limited to an increase in creativity and innovation. However, there are challenges to creating effective diverse teams with internationals, students and/or young professionals. Some of these challenges include difficulty in integration, cultural shock, and social withdrawal.

"Live the Future Now- For Diversity, Education and Research" funded by the Thuringian State and the University of Jena, is a welcome event for new English-speaking international students in Jena, and early-stage researchers. It aims to help accelerate social integration and educate internationals on how to deal with cultural shock.

The program is to run from the 20th – 22nd October, 2022 and it includes a hiking trip for participants to socialize and integrate with other internationals and locals.

Benefits from this program

As a result of this program, participants will grasp the concept of acculturative stress and how it impacts them in a new setting. They will learn how to manage and conquer it so they can perform at their best.

Participants will learn how to manage their finances and career path while studying, working, or conducting research. The information supplied will be valuable now and in the future.

participants will discover beautiful landscapes in the State of Thuringia- Make friends with other new students, internationals and researchers, and can Kick-start their journey with valuable networks.

Program Outline

The "Live the Future Now" program will span three days, culminating with a hiking expedition on the last day.

While there is no limit to online participation, only 100 persons can be admitted for the live programme in Jena so endevour to register !!! even if you would be joining online.

Venue: Rosensale, Fürstengraben 27,

07743 Jena, Germany

Day 1- Welcome to Germany


17:00 P.M


17:30 P.M


18:10 P.M

Discussion: Cultural Shock and Depression - Sarah Chukwubuikem

18:30 P.M

Day 2- Studying in Germany

Discussion: Studying in Germany

17:00 P.M

Discussion: Career planning and job search – Marie-Louise Heinlich

17:30 P.M


18:00 P.M

Discussion: Financial PlanningBelinda Kolle

18:30 P.M

Day 3- Outdoor Activities (Networking, Hiking and sightseeing)

Networking, Hiking and sightseeing - “Discover Thuringen” with Hiking Jena Wandergruppe!

Facilitators - Hiking Jena Wandergruppe!

9:00 A.M

The event would conclude with a hiking expedition for all attendees to engage and connect with other internationals and locals. This can build a network of people from the same culture as well as those from different cultures who share similar interests. In comparison to our previous program, this will be a one-of-a-kind experience, with the goal of establishing first-hand contact that will allow international students, in particular, to acclimatize to their new surroundings in an informal manner, as a strategy to ensure social stability and inclusion.

Registration is compulsory for in-person participation!