Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships

RAAI's mission is to address some of the most complex challenges facing Africa on its journey toward a clean, sustainable, and prosperous future; and many of these problems require advanced and interdisciplinary skills and experience. This is why we form "Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships". Strategic collaborations and partnerships allow for the optimization of skillsets, knowledge, and expertise across organizations and for the smoother implementation of complex tasks. RAAI's Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships department seeks out and welcomes ideas and opportunities for mutually beneficial participation in African development projects across various industries, research & academic institutions, organizations, and groups including individuals. We understand that, just like researchers pioneering innovative ideas in laboratories and research facilities, field and industrial experts possess a valuable understanding of real-world complexities. A Combination of front-line innovation and technology from R&D experts with the wealth of experience from field experts is what RAAI's SC&P Forum seeks to achieve for practical real-world solutions.

Great Oguguo

Head, Strategic collaborations and Partnerships

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Africa has immense potential and resources, but to work towards a brighter future, the right people and the right resources have to connect at the right time. This is our goal at the Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships Forum. We are building a team of researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry partners because we are convinced that an extensive network spanning around the world has the best chances to realize our vision – improving the world by improving Africa.

There is an abundance of people all around the world who have a similar vision and are already planning or running ventures complementary to our projects. It is an avoidable waste of resources to try and solve a problem someone else has already spent years developing systems to solve. Therefore, we are looking to collaborate with individuals, organisations, or anyone else interested in one of our Forums. We understand ourselves as a team, bringing people and ideas together like pieces of a puzzle. Our objective is to join forces and expand together.

Furthermore, in our mission to address unique African obstacles and problems, many people around the world are affected by similar issues. This includes food insecurity, global warming, and desert encroachment. Right now, Africa is exceptionally afflicted, but these are common problems on every continent- and they will continue to affect us and future generations on this planet. For that reason, we are also highly interested in collaborating and joining non-Africans- people that believe there are common problems that can be solved with common solutions. If you share our interests, we will be happy to join you to create a solution that is useful and beneficial for everybody.

Our organisation primarily consists of researchers. We have plenty of expertise and ideas in many areas including medicine, life science, and technology. For the implementation and expansion of our projects, we are also working with industry partners, businesses, and government partners. This helps us to scale, to go from idea to execution and enhancing our real-world effect.

We want you to participate, whether you are an expert in one of our fields of interest, you have an idea for a project but do not know how to realize your vision, or want to support us financially. We are open to providing expertise and our global network to anyone who approaches us with an interesting idea and shares our vision.

If you would like to share an idea with us or join in one of our projects, please contact us at sc&

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